Artificial Intelligence & Information Analysis

Besides the research and development activities, the group has performed intense theoretical research in the areas of digital signal and image processing. As a result of this research more than 1100 publications have appeared in international scientific journals, books, book chapters and conference proceedings.

  • Books:
    1. I.Pitas and A. N. Venetsanopoulos, “Nonlinear digital filters: Principles and applications”, Kluwer Academic, 1990.
    2. I. Pitas, “Digital image processing algorithms”, Prentice-Hall, 1993.
    3. I. Pitas, editor, “Parallel digital image processing algorithms”, J. Wiley, 1993.
    4. I. Pitas, “Digital Image Processing”, Thessaloniki, 1996, 2010 (in Greek)
    5. N. Nikolaidis and I. Pitas, “3D Image Processing Algorithms”, J. Wiley, 2000
    6. I. Pitas, “Digital Image Processing Algorithms and Applications”, J. Wiley, 2000
    7. C. Kotropoulos and I. Pitas, “Nonlinear Model – Based Image/ Video Processing and Analysis”, J. Wiley 2001
    8. I. Pitas, “Digital Television and digital video processing”, Thessaloniki 2010 (in Greek)
  • 48 book chapters
  • 298 papers in refereed international journals
  • 751 papers in international conferences

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